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Clever! I didn't think the gimmick would effect gameplay much at first but having to stop dodging to do damage actually changed my gameplay style a lot from how I would usually play these kinds of games. I think with more enemy types to more fully explore the concept this could be really good!

thank you for checking out.

Pretty smooth game! Although it does take skill to survive. You can certainly update this game to have upgrades and more enemy type and that will add more replayability. I may have found a dominant strategy but it still takes getting used to it to abuse it. All in all good design and adherence to the theme.

upgrades are on their way just after the jam end I wish you liked it and gave it a fair rating.

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Sorry for the late response, thought I'd check out your game after you left a comment on VacPac! Really liked the idea, animation, everything was very smooth. Couple of small points I wasn't the biggest fan of the camera zooming in the centre and I wish I had less health or the game got more difficult quicker as I ended up quitting before I lost. I would have also have liked a button press for the tutorial text I kept forgetting to press the continue text, a button would have sped this up. Good game though!

really good advices i 'm sure they will help me and I hope you liked it and gave it a fair rating.

Fun little game, like you mentioned, would be really cool with more enemies, I had fun with it. Only got to a score of 89 because I suck but I enjoyed the look and feel of everything, it was smooth

A very clever top down shooter which I found to be very enjoyable. It can have more polish but I really enjoyed this game. 

thank you for your comment and don't be afraid this is not the end of the path for zombie rush many updates are coming in no time ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜˜